Sassani Co. was established in 1998  with the purpose of Improvement and Enhancing Quality of Medical Products with using experienced experts to Supply the needs of the medical community.
The company's policy has always been based on preparing the best medical products in specialized fields of Heart Surgery, Interventional and Anesthesia and E.N.T  products from the best Manufacturer companies around the world (Europe, United States of America, China, ......)  to make available to consumers.
We believe in providing quality health products with the best and comparable prices to the consumer and this motto is on top of the agenda for all partners in this set.
We have always tried to use Guidelines physician colleagues for Consultation regarding the quality of supplied goods in order to be successful in Improving Market and it's done as a main target of company.
Our Commercial department is always trying to develop a relationship with the global markets in presenting the latest medical products that will find its way into global markets order to keep pace with the world to provide the latest medical equipment in Iran effectively.
The company is made up of different parts including:
1-    Commercial Department
2-     Sale Department
3-    Marketing
4-    After sale and service
In all cases they are active in providing customers' service to Able to act quickly to meet customer needs.
For more information about other activities you can contact our experts In order to step up to serve to your loved ones and glory in our ability.