Oxygenator System  & Reservoir

Features : 

  • Individual room design , excellent ability to remove 
          gaseous microemboli;  
  • Ideal operation level , meet different patients requests:
  • Rotate in 360 degree , easy to disassembly the pontes; 
  • Hollow fiber has excellent  performance on oxygenation,
          clear bloodstream and complete air-out; 
  • single use, avoid cross-infection
Certificate: CE Mark, ISO 13485

Specification: Oxygenator System 
Housing material. PC
Oxygenation fiber material PP Hollow fiber
Thermostatic fiber material PET HOllow fiber
Oxygenation fiber area 1.8 m
Thermostatic fiber area  0.4 m
Static priming volume 240 ml
Blood flow range 1-7 L /min
Thermostatic water flow range 10 - 17 L / min
Blood entrance 3/8”
Blood exit 3/8”
Cardioplegia solution exit 1/4” Luer connector
Water entrance & exit 1/2” Hansen quick connector
Gas entrance 1/4”


Specification: Reservoir
Housing material. PC
Max. volume 4L  
Blood flow range 1/7 L / min
Max.interacardiac blood flow 6 L / min
Min.operation liquid level 200 ml
Venous blood entrance 1/2”, rotated in 360 degree
Blood exit 3/8”
Draw blood entrance 1/4” 6pcs
Gas entrance 1/4”

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