LUOFUCON Medical Hydrogel Dressing

This product is semi-transparent flexible gel with excellent adhesion and absorbability. It can absorb excessive wound exudates, maintain moist healing environment, hasten epithelization as well as reduce healing time. This product does not stick to wounds, can relieve pain and causes no second damage. This hydrogel is convenient for local application.
LUOFUCONTM Medical Hydrogel Dressing is made from polyethylene oxide and polyvinyl alcohol.
1.All kinds of surgical incisions;
2.Skin abrasions and epidermis defects;
3. All kinds of putrid wound surfaces;
4.Stage I, II pressure ulcer。
1. After wound is cleaned and sterilized, choose suitable specification hydrogel dressing according to the wound area (product can be cut and spliced under sterile conditions). The dressing should be larger than the wound surface;
2. Strip the white slipcover off and place the hydrogel on the wound directly. Then remove the transparent covering membrane;
3. Secure the wound with Luofucon transparent film dressings or gauze;
4. Change the hydrogel dressing frequently if wound exudate is excessive. If there is little exudate, the hydrogel can be changed for every 2~3 days till the wound heals;
5. This product does not affect systemic administration or local application of infected wounds.
1. It is disposable product, no reuse. Do not use if the packing is torn;
2. When applying on seriously infected wounds, this product can be used with other pharmaceutical therapy under doctors’ instruction;
3. Do not toast the wound as the product is moist dressing.;
4. This product causes no adverse stimulation in clinical test. Please consult the doctors if patients are hypersensitive to the products。

Shelf Life: 2 years


30 mm×150 mm
10pcs /10boxes/caron
55 mm×90 mm
12pcs /10boxes/caron
80 mm×120 mm
12pcs /10boxes/caron

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