SUNTOUCH Hemostatic Rhinobyon

SUNTOUCH® Hemostatic Rhinobyon

SUNTOUCH® Hemostatic Rhinobyon has duplex hemostatic function. The outside hemostatic gauze can turn into gels when it contacts with water. After applying to the wound site, gels start the clotting mechanism and thereby help stop bleeding. The inside inflatable balloon can be aerified and makes suitable pressure to the wound, which starts physical hemostatsia. Besides, the outer gel can provide moist wound environment, which accelerates epithelization of the nasal mucosa and helps taken out easily after used, thus reducing second damage to wound. This product has good biocompatibility, low antigenicity, tissue reaction and transmissibility.
The product is comprised of hemostatic gauze, inflatable balloon, sensor balloon, catheter, flying-wing and valve.
The product applies to the epistaxis and postoperative hemostasis of nasal cavity and paranasal sinus.
1. Soak the balloon in sterile water for minimum 20 seconds to make the hemostatic gauze gelatinous;
2. Insert the product into the wound along the nasal septum;
3. Inflate the balloon by a syringe with 10ml air (the appropriate amount is that it will lead complete hemostasis and cause no pain. The recommended maximum amount will be: 20ml for 450, 25ml for 550 and 30ml for 751);
4. Pinch the sensor balloon and inspect the pressure till it is appropriate and makes no leakage. Then tape the flying-wind to cheek;
5. In case of tissue necrosis due for long time oppression, evacuates some balloon air with syringe every 4 ~ 6 hours;
6. Rhinobyon removal: Check the wound carefully after 48 hours, if there is no active bleeding, exhaust the air out of the inflatable balloon with syringe. Then gently pull out the balloon.
1. It is disposable product, please use after opening. No reuse. Do not use if the packing is torn;
2. Do not soak the rhinobyon with saline water, which may affect the gelation;
3. Do not smear the balloon with lube or ointment with antibiotics, which may affect the hemostasia.
4. Those who are allergic to the product are prohibited.
The product should be stored in clean and ventilated place without corrosive gas. Temperature in 5℃~45℃ and relative humidity below 80% are preferred.

Shelf Life: 2 years


Balloon length
45 mm
55 mm
75 mm


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