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 	LUOFUCON Foam Wound Dressing

This product is highly absorbent dressing that absorbs and holds exudate as well as keeps wounds from maceration to surrounding tissue. It maintains moist environment to accelerate healing process. It has a three dimension structure processed by high-tech frothing method. With this advanced technology, the foam dressing does not stick to wound surface and can relieve pain effectively.
Hydrophilic polyurethane foam, sodium polyacrylate and polyurethane film.
For heavily exuding wounds
1. Venous leg ulcer
2. Stage II-IV pressure ulcer
3. Diabetic foot ulcer
4. Donor Site
5. Abrasion wound
1. Clean the wound with sterilized saline water and dry the surrounding skin gently.
2. Chose the right size of dressing according to the wound area. The dressing should be larger than the wound surface (1 – 2 cm over the wound edge).
3. Apply the foam pad toward the wound bed and then remove the covering membrane gently, until the dressing fix completely onto the wound bed.
4. Secondary dressing is necessary when using foam dressing (non – adhesive). Please consult a doctor in the case of changing dressing, or the dressing should be changed when the exudate is reaching the edge of absorbent pad 2cm inward.
5. This product can be retained on wound up to 7 days. The frequency of changing dressing depends on the amount of exudates.
6. Foam dressing (Adhesive/Non-adhesive) can be used with LUOFUCONTM Hydrogel Cleanser together, which provides effective autolytic debridement of necrotic tissue.
1. Use this product under doctor’s instruction for infected wound which is currently under control.
2. Use this product by consulting a doctor when the wound is caused by blood-supply deficiency or diabetic foot ulcer. In this case, check the wound status daily.
3. Contact the company in case of hyper susceptibility. The company will provide the component of relevant product in time.
4. Please remove the product before applying radiation treatment which including X ray, ultrasonic therapy, thermotherapy and microwave therapy.
5. This product can not be used with saline water and dioxogen.
6. This is a disposable product and can not be reused. Do not use it when the packing is torn.
This product should be placed horizontally and stored under room temperature. 

Shelf Life: 2 years

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